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IDET Augmented Reality Transmedia Storytelling

The IDET ARTS app allows you to interact with an invisible world of Augmented Reality learning content. Aim your device at static images, text, artwork, and instructor facilitated content and watch static objects and content come to life through Augmented Reality technology. Just download the IDET ARTS app, launch it, and add a digital layer to your learning environment. Now with Art Museum of South Texas (AMST) exhibit artifact triggers: The Digital Darkroom at AMST explores the intersection of photographic art and technology. Ask about how you can be a part of the Texas A&M University-CC approved research study, & test your spatial memory and response times with Augmented Reality and the IDET ARTS app.

Welcome to the IDET shared meeting space.

Pre-check your audio equipment to make sure that your speaker and microphone are working.

Video is not required.

Please use your first and last name when entering the meeting space.

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